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Texas landfills are leaking toxins into groundwater (Interactive Map)

From our blog: Use our interactive map to see which landfills in your area are self-reporting leaks into groundwater.

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What We Can Win & How You Can Help

From our blog: We held our first statewide webinar to share information about our legislative priorities in 2017. Folks from all over the state tuned in online to learn, discuss, and TAKE ACTION!

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Costs may hamper environmental legislative plans

El Paso Times: From banning plastic checkout bags to trying to save honeybees, Texas environmental groups have a long wish list as the 2017 legislative session gets underway.

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Dallas residents’ voices heard at City Hall: We need recycling in apartments, businesses

Texas Campaign for the Environment presented personalized letters from Dallas residents to City Council members during a committee update on the City’s long-term “Zero Waste” plan. Some councilmembers strongly favored fast-tracking a universal recycling ordinance.

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Nick de la Torre, Houston Chronicle

Galveston at front of bag-ban battle

Houston Chronicle: Reacting to a groundswell of concern about the effect of plastic bags on the environment, Galveston is on the forefront of a statewide controversy over cities’ ability to ban plastic bags that are killing turtles, birds and fouling beaches.

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Tire crumb – dangerous or safe for your kids?

KVUE News Austin: We’re days away from learning if a rubber material used on playgrounds and athletic fields are safe for children, as three federal agencies are researching the health risks of rubber tire crumb.

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What a Trump win might mean for Texas’ environment

San Antonio Express-News: With Republicans set to control the White House and Congress, perhaps environmentalists across the country can learn a thing or two from those working in Texas.

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Will the Railroad Commission ever be accurately named?

Texas Observer: Though the Railroad Commission of Texas hasn’t overseen trains for more than three decades, some members of the Legislature and the oil and gas lobby continue to fight to keep the agency’s misleading name.

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You’re invited to our post-election party in Dallas, but first, VOTE!

You’ve probably heard a million reasons why don’t need to vote. We’ve got a few arguments why you should–and we’re also throwing in a party invitation!

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Texas & national bag reduction advocates blast Texas Attorney General’s assault on local bag law

Media Release: State and national bag law advocates convened this week to defend bag ordinances in the wake of embattled Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit against Texas’ first local law against bag pollution in Brownsville.

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