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TCE Leadership Recognizes New Staff Union

April 10, 2023

TCE Joint Statement
By Robin Schneider (Executive Director) and Texas Environmental Workers Union

Texas Campaign for the Environment & Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund envision and work towards a Texas free from pollution. More than thirty years ago, TCE began its efforts to fight pollution by organizing people to stand up for their rights.

Staff, management and board members all strongly believe that working people organizing in community groups, unions and social movements bring about needed change and further the cause of justice.

Recently, TCE & TCE Fund staff initiated the formation of their own union—Texas Environmental Workers Union—affiliated with the Communications Workers of America. Management and the board members were pleased to sign a neutrality and voluntary recognition agreement with the union. On April 6th, a neutral third party confirmed that TEWU-CWA had reached majority support for the union and it has been officially recognized by TCE leadership!

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