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texas lawmakers: vote yes on HB 1874 for battery recycling!

In 2007 and 2011, Texas lawmakers passed Producer Takeback recycling laws for TVs and Computers. Since then, Texans have recycled over 200 million pounds of electronics! Now we need the same convenient options for household batteries. Contact your lawmakers today!

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Senator Jane Nelson: Keep Track of Oil and Gas Enforcement

The Railroad Commission wants $3 million for new IT. We need the Senate Finance Committee to make them spend it on keeping track of who’s breaking Texas laws and what’s being done about it.

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Texas lawmakers: support a Texas free from pollution

The 2017 Texas legislative session is underway. Let Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Speaker Rep. Joe Straus, and your local state senator and representative know you care about environmental protection.

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texas legislature: respect local options on bag pollution

Nearly a dozen cities in Texas have passed local ordinances to restrict single-use bags that harm property, wildlife, and local economies. Now some members of the Texas legislature, backed by powerful monied interests, are attempting to take away local authority to deal with this problem. Send your message here!

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Houston city hall: support recycling and zero waste

City Council recently voted to continue curbside recycling, after hearing from thousands of Houstonians. Now we need a long-term strategy to reduce waste, recycle and compost city-wide including apartments and businesses!

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petition Texas lawmakers: enforce oil & gas rules

A special group of state lawmakers on the Sunset Commission is working fast to finalize recommendations to change the way Texas regulates oil and gas drilling. They will be voting on November 10th, so we need you to speak up and tell them to use this opportunity to protect the environment and public health!

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write to state lawmakers: safer drilling

The Texas Railroad Commission needs to get serious about enforcing the law, tracking their performance, and making violation and penalty information available to the public and our elected officials. You can write to your state legislators at the Texas Capitol today.

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Family in Kitchen Recycling Paper and Plastic

Fort Worth city council: we need a zero waste plan!

The City of Fort Worth is taking public testimony on its 20-year recycling plan through September 16th. We need to ensure that Fort Worth sets the most ambitious goals possible to keep valuable materials from being trashed!

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expand recycling in Dallas

Almost 85% of the waste Dallas sends to landfills comes from multi-family buildings and businesses. You can urge your local elected officials to support recycling programs throughout the city!

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