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Door-to-door Initiative To Promote Electronics Recycling

September 9, 2008

KUHF Houston Public Radio
Rod Rice

The Texas Campaign for the Environment opened an office in Houston today. Rod Rice reports that organizers will begin door-to-door canvassing to spread the word about recycling electronics.

Canvasser at DoorClick here to listen!

The Texas Campaign for the Environment has returned to Houston full time after an absence of about eleven years. TCE’s Zac Trahan says the organization has been focusing on recycling things like computers, televisions and cell phones. In fact it played a key role in the law that just went into affect last week in Texas requiring all computer manufacturers to offer free recycling of their products.

“So if someone has an old Apple, or Dell or HP, they simply need to contact the manufacturer to take advantage of the recycling program. Also Dell has a partnership with Goodwill here in Houston so that anyone can take any brand of old computers directly to any Goodwill here in Houston for free recycling.”

TCE helped get that passed by going door-to-door to ask people to let computer makers and legislators know there is a demand for computer recycling.

“Our door-to-door efforts in Austin and in Dallas generated more then 12-thousand personal hand written letters to state legislators. With Dell’s recycling program our door-to-door canvassers in Austin generated more than 10-thousand letters to Michael Dell the CEO.”

Zac Trahan says this is only the beginning of work in Houston. Another recycling problem is televisions.  With the switch to digital TV next year analog sets will be obsolete. Currently only three TV makers provide recycling for those obsolete sets. Trahan thinks once TCE’s face-to-face efforts gets underway fewer old TV’s will end up in landfills.


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