Victory! Rayovac Voices Support for Battery Recycling Efforts

Your grassroots pressure is getting results! Battery manufacturer Rayovac has finally changed its tune and will now support legislation to create recycling programs for its products. See the story here. This is a big victory!

Up until now, Rayovac had been the only major battery manufacturer refusing to publicly support recycling programs for single-use, "disposable" batteries. The company has received tens of thousands of letters and emails from TCE supporters and others around the country, and TCE organized effective demonstrations in their Wisconsin hometown. Thanks to all TCE supporters who have contacted the company and to those who helped make our "RayovACTION Road Trip for Battery Recycling" possible. We’re not through yet, but this is a great first step toward comprehensive recycling for all batteries.

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This year's Annual Report is hot of the presses - click here to check it out! TCE made concrete progress on waste and recycling issues and won some major victories in our local campaigns. If you're a contributing member, you've got in your mailbox. Here's the digital version.


TCE is a proud member of the Make It, Take It campaign for sustainable packaging design. Texas cities spend millions of dollars disposing of non-recyclable packaging every year, so we should have a say in how those costs can be lowered.
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