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Your Vote Matters

February 26, 2016

TCE Blog
By Robin Schneider


It’s time to have YOUR say!

Whether you’ve been paying rapt attention to this unusual presidential campaign or not, we hope that you will vote in this election. Remember it’s not only the top of the ticket that matters.

State legislators we elect this year will come to Austin next January and they will have a big impact on whether we move forward or backward on the long-range vision of a Texas free from pollution.

Texas Campaign for the Environment does not endorse candidates. We do urge Texans to question the candidates who are running to represent you about environmental issues. Here are a few for you to consider asking candidates and their campaigns:

Will you oppose or support local control? For instance, will you vote against bills that would forbid local governments from preventing pollution from single-use bags or from protecting heritage trees?

Will you make it easier or more difficult for people, businesses and local governments to challenge polluting facilities that can harm our quality of life?

Will you support or oppose legislation that would help consumers recycle household batteries like Texas has done with TVs and computers?

Will you back stronger accountability for oil and gas operations? One idea is to have bigger buffers between drilling and homes or schools.

Keep in mind that in Texas, the state legislature has the responsibility to draw legislative districts and so most of them are shaped so that one party or the other has a lock on that district. This means the people who take the time to vote in the party primaries for the most part determine who the winner will be.

So it’s time to swing into action if you want to elect a legislator who reflects your values. Today is THE LAST DAY to EARLY VOTE or you can vote on Election Day Tuesday March 1.

Here’s information on where and how to vote.


Robin Schneider
Executive Director

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