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Victoria County sewage sludge dumping dispute officially ends

January 29, 2018

ABC 25 Victoria
by Adrianna Garcia
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A two and a half year process has finally ended with a settlement agreement where Victoria County Commissioners stopped a land owner from receiving a permit to dump hazardous products on their land. Commissioner Clint Ives calls this a victory for Victoria County.

On Monday, County Judge Ben Zeller made this agreement officials, where he signed the settlement document.

According to County Commissioner Clint Ives, Victoria County Commissioners took an aggressive opposition to this permit, and took years of town hall andĀ  TCEQ meetings to try and stop this process. The land applicant decided to no longer pursue The permit to land apply the grease and grit trap waste.

With this agreement, it doesn’t allow land application to these experimental products on any land in Victoria County.

The commissioners argued with the proximity of the Arenosa Creek from the potential dumping location,thisĀ  could bring health and safety concerns to the residents of that area.

“Victoria County achieved everything we were asking for, and gave up no ground. Personally, I think this is such a victory for Victoria County. number one, we stuck to the tactical mission of protecting our priority which is protecting the public health and welfare of our residents in Victoria, and this settlement does that, said Ives.

Precinct four County Commissioner Clint Ives, says the public’s health and safety were their top priority, which they achieved with this settlement.

Ives explained this settlement saves tax payers the cost of a contested hearing, which is where this case would have gone without the agreement.

He says this agreement sets a precedent for the rest of Texas if another company wants to apply for a similar permit.

Commissioners says this is a triumph not only for Victoria, but for the state of Texas.

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