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TCE Environmental Voter Resources

October 30, 2020

TCE Environmental Voter Resources

  • Information on the Voting Process
  • Key Elections to follow
  • Important Dates remaining in the election process
  • TCE Environmental Voter’s Pledge: To vote and ask others to vote; To make sure all votes are counted; To ensure a peaceful transition of power once all votes are counted fairly.

Let’s begin with…Thanks!

Thank you to all of the TCE environmental supporters who have been helping turn out an unprecedented number of early voters in the 2020 Election. We appreciate you!  

Already voted?
We urge you to triple your vote by calling or texting three friends. Ask them to vote for the environment, too!

Haven’t voted yet?
Make your plan to vote tomorrow on Election Day 2020 – Tuesday, November 3rd.
Use this excellent, non-partisan guide to find out when, where, and how to vote. Enter your address her to see information for your District and a sample ballot.

Note that mail-in ballots in Texas must be postmarked by Election Day, tomorrow November 3rd and received the following day, Wednesday, November 4th.  If you choose to use a mail-in ballot and want to make sure your voice and your vote count, drop off your mail-in ballot at your County’s single drop-off place or go to your usual polling place and vote in person on Election Day tomorrow. Bring your mail-in ballot if you have it, otherwise you can still cast a provisional ballot.  Need more Voting info? Get it here.

Thanks again for voting!

Vote for the Environment
During this tumultuous election season, TCE has been keeping tabs on a number of influential elections taking place across Texas. While the national elections take up a lot of attention in the news, local and state elections have a huge impact on environmental issues too.

Texas Railroad Commission
The Texas Railroad Commission is the state agency that oversees oil and gas drilling, uranium and coal mining and other industrial processes in our state. Compare positions of the two key candidates here on issues such as flaring and venting, climate change, pipeline regulation and other pressing concerns that impact our air, water, and health across Texas.

Texas Legislature
How might the Texas Legislature change and what is the plan for the 2021 Legislative Session in quarantine?  Stay tuned here and on TCE social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information. Join our email list and help influence federal, state, and local legislation that affects the health of our communities and the environment.

Corpus Christi Mayor and City Council Election
With a massive industrial build-out proposed on Corpus Christi bay and in adjoining San Patricio County by the oil, gas, and plastics industries, TCE has been fighting lynchpin desalination proposals and educating Corpus Christi voters. Compare Corpus Christi candidates for Mayor and City Council here on and vote for Corpus Christi Bay.

Denton Mayor and City Council Election
Denton is well known for voting to ban fracking in 2014. This year, city elections will be held in November for the first time, and in just the first few days of early voting, Denton’s 2020 turnout exceeded the total votes for the last city election in May 2019. It’s no exaggeration that the new City Council will be the most democratically elected city government in recent memory. The new Council will affect the future of a number of environmental issues, including the proposed city landfill expansion and the city’s approach to reducing waste, Denton’s commitment to 100% renewable energy, and its vow to address high levels of air pollution affecting community health.

You can learn where Mayoral and City Council Candidates stand on environmental issues from our Denton Environmental Candidate Survey.

Important Dates in the 2020 Election & 2021 Legislative Process

Tues., Nov. 3rd – Election Day 2020

Mon., Dec. 14th-Electoral College Texas electors vote in the Texas State Capitol or online for the next President and Vice President of the U.S.

Mon., Jan. 3rd – 117th U.S. Congress Convenes

Wed., Jan. 6th – Electoral votes formally counted before a joint session of Congress; the President of the Senate formally announces the election result.

Tues., Jan. 12th – 87th Texas State Legislature convenes

Wed. Jan. 20th – Presidential Inauguration Day

TCE Environmental Voter’s Pledge
TCE is committed to a free and fair election. Given the extraordinary circumstances of the public health crisis and high degree of voting by mail, we expect results of many races will take some time to tabulate after Election Day on Tuesday, November 3rd. TCE will support the core value that all votes count and all votes must be counted.  We will honor the valid results of the 2020 election.

  • TCE Environmental Voter’s Pledge
    To vote and ask others to vote;
    To make sure all votes are counted;
    To ensure a peaceful transition of power once all votes are counted fairly;

Additional Resources

U.S. Elections Project tracks early voting numbers updated every few days.

Latino Voter’s Guide on the Environment: The first step to fighting climate change is electing leaders who will take action.

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