write a letter!

Send a letter to Texas lawmakers: improve pollution clean-up standards, enforce stronger landfill laws, and respect local environmental protections!

We've provided some talking points below. Feel free to copy and paste, or download the document, but please take some time to add your own thoughts and convey this issue in your own words. It makes a huge difference! Don't forget, always include your name and address somewhere in the letter!

If you are writing at the request of a canvasser in your neighborhood today, here are some other helpful tips:

  • Please leave letters on your door tonight, and leave the porch light on if you can.
  • Please include an addressed, stamped envelope for each letter, but leave it unsealed... we check letters before sending to guard against potentially offensive or threatening content.
  • We really appreciate extra stamps of any denomination, we mail tons of stuff!
  • To look up your elected officials, visit "Who Represents Me."

State Senator _________________________
P.O. Box 12068
Austin, TX 78711

State Representative _________________________
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768

Points to Include in Your Letter:

  • Tell your elected officials you support efforts to improve pollution cleanup programs in Texas. Let them know why you care about reducing the risk of cancer from pollution.
  • Explain to your lawmakers that you want better protections for Texas communities threatened by waste facilities. Tell them what you think about a system that allows trash companies to get permits in floodplains or over aquifers. Let them know why you think our environmental laws should be enforced effectively, so that pollution never pays.
  • Tell your legislators why you think local governments should be allowed to help protect the environment. Especially let them know how you feel about the end of single-use bag ordinances, and tell them to restore this right.
  • Let them know why you support local protections for trees, and why you oppose efforts to strip local governments of their ability to limit tree removal.
  • Ask them to write you back and to let you know exactly what they intend to do on these issues.

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