Texas grassroots mini-grants

Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund with the help of some generous donors is now able to make mini-grants to grassroots “kitchen table” groups working on environmental issues. Through small grants to traditionally under-funded organizations and communities, we’re working with a grassroots network to fight pollution and protect public health all over Texas. We value local community involvement and organizing, creative interventions, strategic thinking, and both defensive “fight-back” and offensive solutions-focused projects. Except in unusual circumstances grants will be in the range of $500 to $2,500. You do not need to have a legal non-profit status in order to apply.

Grants should fit five basic categories:

  1. Projects emphasizing grassroots organizing, public education, training and capacity building that develops skills, increases awareness, and/or builds alliances.
  2. Projects emphasizing community-driven, strategic use of non-violent direct action that demonstrate local resistance to polluting facilities or proposals.
  3. Travel and other opportunities that amplify community voices in regional, national and international forums and provide access to decision makers.
  4. Field studies and original research used to hold companies accountable for their on-the-ground activities.
  5. Seed money for emerging grassroots organizations.

The Texas Grassroots Mini-Grant program does not support individual, governmental, or exclusively academic projects. Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Applicant’s capacity to carry out proposed activities;
  • Project need and urgency;
  • A well-defined strategy, including clear objectives and planned activities;
  • Scale and scope of community participation, including when applicable that the community where the project is centered and/or that will be impacted by the initiative be engaged in the decision-making process related to the activities;
  • Project honors and upholds diversity and equity of participants;
  • Activities would be significantly enhanced by a small grant: applicant’s annual budget (under $50,000 is prioritized).

We want to disburse these funds with a minimum of hassle and without long delays. There are no application deadlines, and grants are given out on a rolling basis. Applicants will be informed within 4 weeks if their application has been accepted or declined. Grant applications can be completed online here or downloaded here and returned via email to robin(at)texasenvironment.org or mailed to:

Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund
105 W. Riverside, Suite 120
Austin TX 78704