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Our mission is to engage people and communities through face-to-face public education, grassroots organizing and action-oriented research for a cleaner and healthier Texas.

We envision a Texas free from pollution. As the largest environmental group in Texas organizing support through door-to-door canvassing, grassroots is both who we are and what we do.

  • Robin Schneider started her activist career in high school as a 17-year-old canvasser for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) raising funds door-to-door to assist pro-ERA candidates. During college she led a campaign that stopped a plan to drill for oil on the UCLA campus, which would have displaced the university’s childcare center. She also led a delegation of 18 college students that traveled to Florida in early 1982 to work for passage of the ERA.

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  • Olivia Heller is a recent graduate from the University of Oregon where she received a degree in Environmental Studies. She joined TCE Fund in 2022 and is eager to begin a career doing what she loves–involving people in the fight toward sustainable environmental policy. She is passionate about creating a just and equitable future for all people, and about the potential impacts of environmental activism. Olivia enjoys yoga, getting creative in the kitchen, and exploring the outdoors.

  • Chloe Torres is a proud, lifelong resident of Corpus Christi, Texas and truly believe in the city’s potential to set an example for other U.S. coastal cities on how to fight back against pollution-causing industries. They have been a local community organizer for the past five years in numerous grassroots organizations which have tackled a variety of issues such as immigration, racial inequality, labor, and of course environmental justice.

  • Max Morales, environmental professional, currently works for the state of Texas serving its citizens though public health. Max started his environmental career after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability Studies & Natural Resource Management. Afterwards he worked at Travis County’s Transportation and Natural Resources Department as the Recycling Coordinator. He contributed to notable projects such as the Lake Travis Shoreline and Underwater Clean-up, Travis County Green Team, and re-shaping the Employee Recycling Education Program. Currently he is tackling childhood lead poisoning at the Department of State Health Services. Max’s passion for the environment is sparked by the environmental justice movements he follows and his personal experiences growing up in a low-income area in Houston, Texas.

  • Brandon Marks joined TCE Fund after working in labor, community, and electoral organizing in Chicago, most recently at the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. Brandon previously lived in Mexico City where he worked and volunteered for non-profits and bolstered his Spanish fluency. Brandon graduated from Yale University, where he studied the role of power, profits, and social movements in the US and Latin America. Brandon was born in Dallas and raised in South Florida, but his family has lived in Corpus Christi, TX for generations.

  • Tobin has been a community organizer for five years and has worked with TCE for a year. She grew up in Maryland, went to school in Iowa, spent some time in the UK, and moved to Austin from Denver, Colorado last September to take over as Staff Director for the Austin TCE office. In her view, there is no better place to work on progressive environmental policy than in the great state of Texas. Grassroots organizing has taught her a tremendous amount about people, communication, motivations, patience, finding common ground, and finding her voice as an activist. She’s honored to have the opportunity to fight for what she loves. “I enjoy cycling, reading about topics spanning from Texas politics to Sci-Fi, poetry, cooking, and exploring/appreciating/noticing all the gloriousness of this rock we all live on together.”

  • Jordan Duncan graduated from Calvin University in Michigan in 2017 and stepped into a community organizer role fighting for Clean Water for all. Jordan’s main passion is environmental justice. He has been a member of national boards committed to fostering diversity within the environmental movement. Jordan was a recipient of the Cyndi Roper Organizer of the Year Award.  Jordan joined TCE as the Houston Staff Director at the tail end of 2018 and has fallen in love with Texas since. He believes in people power, and our ability to come together to create the change needed to protect our future. In his spare time Jordan enjoys playing hockey and reading comics.

  • Vic Cornell joined TCE in 2019 as our Director of Administration. Before that, he worked at the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas for fifteen years, in a wide variety of roles. He attended UT-Austin for his undergrad in religious studies and went to seminary at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago for his Master of Arts in Religious Education & Theological Ethics. As a trained community organizer, Vic believes that no matter what the problem is, someone, somewhere, can fix it. An organizer’s job is to figure out who that person is, and what needs to be done to them to make them solve the problem.

  • Corey Troiani is a native Texan who started his activist career in late 2011 at the University of North Texas fighting hydraulic fracturing in Denton neighborhoods. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Anthropology, he co-founded a direct action campaign with activists and landowners to stop construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in East Texas. He joined TCE Fund in early 2013, and has worked non-stop as a community organizer, field manager, and now Program Director in the DFW office. Corey enjoys hiking, rock climbing, soap-making, and geeky stuff like graphic and print design.

  • Brigid Shea, County Commissioner, is an expert communicator and advocate of environmental policies that make a difference. She is the Travis County Commissioner for Precinct 2. A former award-winning journalist, environmental organizer and Austin City Councilmember, she has specialized in developing and implementing effective environmental policies since 1988. She is the Principal of Brigid Shea & Associates, and she advises heavy industry, corporations, governments and non-profits. She is a certified Carbon Reduction Manager, frequent public speaker and trainer.

  • Marisa Perales, Environmental Attorney, is currently a partner at Frederick, Perales, Allmon & Rockwell, in Austin, TX. She began at the firm as an Associate in 2005, and since then, she has become a leading environmental attorney dealing with waste issues in Texas. She regularly works on litigation on behalf of citizen groups, public interest organizations, local governments, and individuals regarding environmental issues before state agencies, federal courts, and state courts. She has filed appeals of agency decisions and court judgments in environmental cases. Marisa provides client advice and contributes comments to agencies regarding environmental rules and enforcement, and also conducts research and comment on various environmental issues related to proposed legislative action. She is a member of the City of Austin Environmental Board and the Undoing Racism Austin Collective.

  • Alan Krathaus, Designer,  is a partner in CORE Design Studio. He has worked with a variety of non-profit, art and educational organizations, philanthropies, as well as architecture, urban planning, retail, artists and writers, renewable energy and design-based companies. He has extensive experience in a variety of media including brand programs, signage, environmental, exhibition, multi-media/app/web and print projects.

  • Zac Trahan grew up in the idyllic hill country and studied biology at the University of Texas at Austin. His deep connection with and respect for the natural world has only strengthened since joining TCE Fund in the fall of 2002. Zac has worked in all three offices; he served as Houston Program Director from 2008-2011 and DFW Program Director from 2012-2015. He believes our common problems call for collaborative solutions and that improving our future means protecting our shared surroundings.

  • Jeffrey Jacoby began his career with TCE Fund in 2004 and directed our DFW office from 2005-2011 and our Central Texas office from 2012-2019. After obtaining a Master of Arts from the University of Maryland and living in Washington, D.C. for three years, Jeff found TCE Fund when he returned to his native Texas. Jeff believes that change begins at home, one person at a time. His commitment to grassroots democracy and environmental advocacy stems from a strong desire to transform the mindset of a culture bent on harming the very source of its sustenance.


2021 Highlights

Protecting Texas’ Resources
In 2021, TCE Fund sharpened our focus on fighting new and expanding fossil fuel export facilities and petrochemical infrastructure along the Texas Gulf Coast. TCE Fund is part of a broad coalition of frontline neighbors and elected officials, marine life guardians, Indigenous groups, legal aid, recreational and commercial fisherfolk and other environmental advocates fighting these proposals. We worked with allies across the state and country to generate thousands of public comments to decision-makers on proposed fossil fuel permits and environmental impact statements. Read on for the full report!

View 2021 Annual Report

2020 Highlights

Fighting Petrochemical and Fossil Fuel Pollution
Since its inception, fracking has been sold to the American public as a way to attain energy independence. In reality, oil drilling in the Permian Basin is now primarily for export. TCE Fund has joined with a host of regional, state and national allies to fight a number of proposed crude export facilities up and down the Gulf Coast. We are also helping to organize opposition to a host of proposals in the Port of Corpus Christi—which is already the largest fossil fuel exporting port in the U.S.—to expand and build new even larger crude export facilities. Read on for the full report!

View 2020 Annual Report

Our Financials

Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund (formerly known as Public Research Works) is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, tax ID # 74-2808805. All contributions to TCE Fund are 100% tax-deductible.

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TCE Fund is a participating member of Earth Share of Texas, which represents leading environmental and conservation groups in payroll deduction plans across the state. Click here to learn more about Earth Share of Texas.

estlogoCombined Federal Campaign (CFC) Code: 54165
Texas State Employees (SECC) Code: 035578
City of Austin Employees (COACCC) Code: 1862
City of Houston Employees (HCMC) Code: 1443
Houston Independent School District Employees (HISD) Code: 177

2021 Revenue total: $2,333,632
83% Grants and special projects
17% Grassroots contributions
*Including Paycheck Protection Program

2021 Expense total: $1,278,690
77% Research, education & organizing
18% Managing TCE Fund
5% Fundraising to sustain TCE Fund
*Over $1,000,000 raised in 2021 toward projects in 2022

Want to see more details? Here are our 2020 IRS Form 990 tax documents.