write a letter!

We've provided some talking points below. Feel free to copy and paste, or download the document, but please take some time to add your own thoughts and convey this issue in your own words. It makes a huge difference! Don't forget, always include your name and address somewhere in the letter!

If you are writing at the request of a canvasser in your neighborhood today, here are some other helpful tips:

  • Please leave letters on your door tonight, and leave the porch light on if you can.
  • Please include an addressed, stamped envelope for each letter, but leave it unsealed... we check letters before sending to guard against potentially offensive or threatening content.
  • We really appreciate extra stamps of any denomination, we mail tons of stuff!
  • To look up your elected officials, visit "Who Represents Me."

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Chairman Bryan Shaw
TCEQ Commissioner Toby Baker
TCEQ Commissioner Jon Niermann
MC 100
12100 Park 35 Circle
Austin, TX 78753

TCEQ Acting Executive Director Stephanie Bergeron Perdue
MC 109
12100 Park 35 Circle
Austin, TX 78753

Points to Include in Your Letter:

  • Tell the TCEQ commissioners and director that we need pollution cleanup benchmarks that are just as strong as national standards. Talk to them about why stronger pollution standards are important to you and your family.
  • If you want to get technical: we want state Protective Concentration Limits to be no higher than Superfund Chemical Data Matrix benchmarks for the same contaminants in the same media.
  • Ask them to especially focus on cancer-causing chemicals and those associated with birth irregularities. If you have experience with these health challenges tell them why it matters that we reduce the risks to our families.
  • Recent disasters have highlighted the urgency of cleaning up polluted sites. Talk to them about this urgency and why we need action NOW.
  • Ask them to write you back and to let you know exactly what they intend to do on this issue.

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