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Austin wants zero waste status by 2040

January 16, 2009

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The City of Austin is now the only City in Texas attempting to go zero waste. Austin City Council Thursday adopted a plan to eliminate trash from area landfills by 2040. The city started working on the plan back in 2005.

The new 90 gallon recycling carts are a part of the plan already in place.

A group by the name of the Central Texas Zero Waste Alliance has formed to help the city reach its goal.

“It’s really going to take everyone working, whether it’s through their school and starting composting programs at their schools or at their neighborhoods or figuring out how to recycle more at your workplace. There is a role for everyone who wants to get involved.”

Currently about 30 percent of the trash in Austin gets recycled. The city by the bay, San Francisco, leads the way in when it comes to zero waste. San Francisco recycles almost 80 percent of its trash.

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