Denton 2020 City Council Candidate Survey

The following survey was created by Texas Campaign for the Environment and Denton Conservation Alliance for the purpose of nonpartisan voter education on local environmental issues. The survey was distributed to all 2020 Denton City Council and Mayoral Candidates. Candidate responses are organized by district/place.


Candidate Survey Responses (By District/Place):


District 1        District 2           Place 5              Place 6             Mayor (7)  

Voter Information:

  • You can find your district here. Places 5 & 6 and Mayor are citywide elections. For Districts 1 & 2, voting is restricted to registered voters living within the respective districts.
  • Early voting is October 13-30. Find Early Voting Locations here.
  • Election Day is November 3rd. Find Polling Locations here.
  • For additional election information, including voter registration, voter ID requirements, and precinct information, please visit the Denton County Elections website at