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Encourage Walmart to Get With the (Recycling) Program

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and the second largest electronics retailer: in 2010, the company sold nearly $53 billion in entertainment products such as TVs, computers, iPads and much more. But, unlike all Best Buy stores across the nation, Walmart does not take back electronic waste (e-waste) at their stores for responsible recycling.

If Walmart allowed customers to drop off unwanted e-waste at all of its stores—as Best Buy does—it could greatly expand the number of locations available for proper e-waste recycling. This would go a long way toward keeping heavy metals, like lead and mercury, out of landfills and waterways.

We’re here to let Walmart know that it needs to step up to the plate. It should be just as easy to recycle old electronics at Walmart as it is to purchase new ones!

We are also calling on Walmart to follow Best Buy in supporting federal legislation (H. R. 2284/S. 1270) to stop illegal export dumping of e-waste overseas.  Furthermore, we want Walmart to work with their suppliers to make greener electronic products available on its shelves.

Join thousands of others and write to Rob Walton, the Chairman of the Walmart Board to demand action.

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