Texas Campaign for the Environment: Jobs

Looking to start your career in environmental organizing?

Texas Campaign for the Environment offers excellent opportunities for those interested in non-profit management and students wanting campaign experience. Entry level organizing positions are available in Austin, Dallas and Houston.

Community Organizers speak with Texans directly to educate them on key environmental issues and get them involved in our strength in numbers strategy. We strive to hold elected officials and corporate leaders accountable to the public voice on health, environmental and economic issues. To fight organized money, we need organized people! Organizers engage citizens in membership drives, letter writing campaigns, and fundraising efforts. TCE organizers recruited more than 40,000 members and 60,000 personal letters to key decision makers in 2011.


  • Must be able to work Monday-Friday, 2:00-10:00pm
  • Part-time available for students, minimum 3 weekdays, 2:00-10:00pm
  • Strong communication skills
  • Commitment to environmental, social, and political justice
  • Some college, or relevant experience is preferred

Benefits and Compensation:

  • Austin: $400-465 per week contingent upon fundraising and leadership responsibilities
  • D/FW: $400-465 per week contingent upon fundraising and leadership responsibilities
  • Houston: $425-490 per week contingent upon fundraising and leadership responsibilities
  • Health Benefits
  • 2 weeks paid vacation, 4 paid sick days and 6 paid holidays.
    Our network allows for opportunities for rapid advancement and management training, as well as travel throughout the country.

Please call to find out how you can get involved:
Austin (512) 326-5655
Dallas (214) 599-7840
Houston (713) 337-4192

Or, download an application from our Austin, Dallas or Houston office, and email it directly to:

Neighborhood Canvass

One proven method of environmental organizing is canvassing. This is as important today as it has ever been in the efforts to protect the public health and our nation's natural resources.

Door-to-door and phone canvassing are vital to our success. It allows us to reach a large number of people, in many towns, income levels, with varied political affiliations. One of the strengths of TCE is the diversity of our membership; canvassing allows us to build this diverse base of support.

Every night, all year long, TCE's staff is out in different neighborhoods all over Texas, mobilizing citizens to get involved and have a positive impact on the environment and our quality of life. As a grassroots organization, TCE cannot compete with money that polluting interests and other powerful lobbyists are able to contribute to the campaigns of our elected officials; we use strength in numbers instead. That is why it is important for TCE to have dedicated people concerned about our environment on our staff.

To get a better understanding of what it's like to work as a TCE organizer, check out our media spotlight!