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TCE Fund E-Waste Focus

Dallas Morning News, July 18, 2013 By Krista Torralva

Texas law contributes to electronics recycling boom

Electronics recycling in the U.S. is now a $20.6 billion industry, up from less than $1 billion in 2002, according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc. Employees in the U.S. electronics recycling industry multiplied from 6,000 in 2002 to 45,000 in 2011.

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Environmental Leader, July 18, 2013 By

Electronics Retailers Receive Fs on Recycling Report Card

Staples, Best Buy and Office Depot are the only three major electronics retailers making a serious effort to help consumers recycle their old electronic products, says a report card released yesterday by the Electronics TakeBack Coalition.

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KXAN News Austin, May 3, 2013 By Natalie Stoll

Groups push for better electronic recycling efforts

Video: The Texas Campaign for the Environment is working with several state lawmakers, and House Bill 3465 and House Bill 648 have been voted out of House committees.

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May 2, 2013 By

Texas TV Recycling Law Up and Running

The Texas TV TakeBack Law has taken effect, and all television manufacturers selling products in the state have published their recycling programs for consumers. Similar to programs resulting from the previous Computer TakeBack Law, these manufacturer-based recycling options are listed on a state environmental agency website:

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Interfaith Coalition Urges Walmart to “Take It Back”

While commending Walmart for its sustainability efforts that the company has ramped up since 2005, the reverends, priests, rabbis, imams and activists from churches and activist organizations demand that Walmart do even more.

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Environmental Leader, June 4, 2012 By

Faith Leaders Tell Walmart to Match Competitors Best Buy, Staples and Office Depot’s E-Waste Policies

Environmental activists and local clergy from all 50 states have called on Walmart to change its e-waste recycling policies. The timing of the letter coincides with Walmart’s annual shareholders meeting.

read entire article, April 24, 2012 By Adam Aston

How Best Buy makes money recycling America's electronics

Retailing giant Best Buy has seen its recycling take-back program grow from a costly gamble into a fast-growing business that’s making a little bit of money.

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Denton Record-Chronicle, April 22, 2012 By Karina Ramírez

Report shows increase in demand for products made to decrease environmental impact

Going “green” is no longer a fad. Consumers are asking for more environmentally friendly products, and companies appear to be responding to the demand.

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Philadelphia Inquirer Online, April 19, 2012 By Jonathan Takiff

Wearing the Earth Day E-Gear Green

How do we know that Earth Day must be right around the corner (Sunday)? Environmental groups focused on the (fraught with eco-peril) electronics industry have been laying on the good and bad tidings.

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Austin Business Journal, March 28, 2012 By Christopher Calnan

Texas has made little progress in recycling electronic waste

Texans are not effectively recycling their old electronics, according to two new reports. Recycling advocates said Wednesday that two newly released reports show how little progress Texas has made in recycling electronic waste.

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KXAN News Austin, July 21, 2011 By Jessica Brorman

Electronic recycling takes step forward

Obama administration officials met with senior executives from Sony, Dell and Sprint Wednesday at an Austin electronics recycling center to sign and release a strategy for the responsible management and recycling of electronic products.

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram, June 24, 2011 By Teresa McUsic

What Texas' new television recycling law means for consumers

Texas has a new law requiring television manufacturers to take back and recycle old sets in an effort to keep toxic materials including lead and mercury out of landfills and water.

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Austin American-Statesman, May 22, 2011 By Editorial Board

This is a TV program Perry should love

SB 329 would establish a television recycling program requiring manufacturers to take back and recycle a percentage of TVs, based on their Texas market share. The House last week approved the bill in an overwhelming vote. Back in March, it won Senate approval. It doesn't take a high-def screen to see that this is a good idea for our state.

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New York Times, April 22, 2011 By Joey Peters

Regulators, Recyclers and Retailers Build 'Urban Mining' Industry

Most of the time, old and obsolete electronics end up in the garbage, despite holding plenty of reusable material. But a push for recycling them has gained ground in recent years through both new state laws and a developing "e-recycling" industry.

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TCE Fund, February 24, 2011 By TCE Fund

Two New Reports Show Texas is a Lightweight on E-Waste Recycling

Recycling advocates released two new reports which they say both demonstrate how little progress Texas has made in its effort to ramp up recycling programs for toxic electronic waste. Making TakeBack Work Better in Texas shows that Texas saw its overall e-waste recycling figures drop for the first time in three years; Survey of Local Government References to Manufacturer TakeBack Recycling shows that city and county governments are still struggling to educate the public about new e-waste recycling programs.

Click here to read the press release

Click here to read the Austin Business Journal article

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Austin American-Statesman, February 24, 2011 By Asher Price

Computer recycling bounds, but Dell shoulders much of the burden

More than 90 percent of the electronic waste collected in 2010 was collected by only four manufacturers: Dell, Samsung, Altex Electronics, a small San Antonio based company, and Sony. The remaining eight percent was collected by 38 manufacturers that do business in Texas. Thirty-six manufacturers collected zero pounds.

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Associated Press, January 4, 2011 By Dave Gram

In 24 states, don't call your old computer 'trash'

Get a new flat-screen TV for Christmas and wondering what to do with the old console? Finally replacing that turntable with an MP3 player? Just upgrading your Mac? Whatever it is, you'd better check your state's books before heading to the landfill.

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Electronics TakeBack Coalition, December 29, 2010 By

An Easy “Green” New Year’s Recycling Resolution

Electronic gadgets were at the top of many holiday shopping lists again this year. So what should you do with the old stuff – the items these shiny new gadgets replaced?

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The Eagle, December 1, 2010 By Matthew Watkins

County backs 3 recycling bills

Brazos County joined a group of Texas counties Tuesday in urging the state to pass three new laws designed to encourage residents to recycle.

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USA Today, November 9, 2010 By USA Today

Electronics 'designed for the dump,' new movie says

As the holiday season approaches, The Story of Electronics looks at the environmental costs of throwaway gadgets and urges consumers to demand less toxic, more easily recyclable and longer lasting products. Its website offers tips on safer products and responsible recyclers.

read entire article, October 20, 2010 By Matthew Wheeland

E-Waste Recycling Report Card Hands Out Poor-to-Middling Marks

A new effort to grade computer, television, printer and game console companies  on their efforts to take back and recycle their old products finds most firms struggling to succeed -- news that comes to no surprise for anyone following progress on e-waste in the United States.

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Electronics TakeBack Coalition, August 12, 2010 By Press Release

GAO Report Misses the Mark with Recommendation on Basel Convention

Congress released a Government Accountability office (GAO) report yesterday - Electronic Waste: Considerations for Promoting Environmentally Sound Reuse and Recycling – that seeks to address the management and trade of hazardous electronic wastes.

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KIAH Houston, May 22, 2010 By Going Green with Yolanda Green

"Going Green" spotlights Texas Campaign for the Environment

Video: How a fired up grassroots campaign is working to reduce waste in Texas. Truly a must see!

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Austin American-Statesman, May 11, 2010 By Asher Price

Texas ranks last in recycling old computers, environmental group says

Texas ranks last in recycling computer parts among states that require manufacturers to take back their electronics, according to a report by an Austin environmental group that tries to keep computers and other electronics from landfills.

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Houston Business Journal, May 11, 2010 By Christine Hall

Texas last in electronics recycling, report shows

Texas is ranked last in per capita collections of computers for recycling among states with similar takeback programs, according to a report released Tuesday by the Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund.

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The Guardian, May 6, 2010 By Jonathan Watts

Global IT brands urged to be more accountable for pollution

Investigation by coalition of Chinese environmental groups accuses global IT brands of supply chain links to heavy metal poisoning cases in China.

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Waste & Recycling News, April 21, 2010 By Amanda Smith-Teutsch

Best Buy to increase electronics, appliance recycling

Electronics retailer Best Buy is looking to significantly increase the amount of electronics and appliances it collects for recycling in its retail stores.

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New York Times, April 14, 2010 By Todd Woody

I.B.M. Suppliers Must Track Environmental Data

I.B.M. said on Wednesday that it will require its 28,000 suppliers in more than 90 countries to install management systems to gather data on their energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste and recycling.

read entire article, April 5, 2010 By Oliver J. Chiang

How Green is My Game?

In recognition of Earth Day, which is later this month, we take an investigative look into the environmental impact of video games at all states of their development cycle.

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Environmental Health Perspectives, April 1, 2010 By Kellyn S. Betts

Brain Drain? PBDEs Alter Development of Human Brain Cells

A new laboratory study demonstrates that polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs, found in electronics and other consumer products) can alter human fetal brain cells. Babies can be exposed to significant amounts of PBDE flame retardants both in the womb and through breastfeeding.

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GlobalPost, February 25, 2010 By Kathleen E. McLaughlin

Silicon Sweatshops: Another black eye for Apple supplier

Workers at the factory suffered nerve and muscle damage after working with the toxic chemical hexane to clean component touch screens for electronic products.

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Environmental Leader

Environmental Leader, February 15, 2010 By

HP Bans E-Waste Exports From Rich Nations to Developing Ones

HP has updated its global corporate policy on banning exports of non-working electronics to developing countries, a move environmental groups are applauding.

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Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News, February 4, 2010 By Rob Delaney

Olympic medallists to get a load of junk

U.S. skier Julia Mancuso and Russian hockey player Alex Ovechkin may be wearing waste from recycled Sony Trinitrons around their necks if they reach the medals podium at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

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GreenerComputing, February 2, 2010 By GreenerComputing Staff

E-Waste Market to Boom in Next Five Years

A new report from ABI Research predicts that the market for recovering and recycling used electronics will reach $14.7 billion by 2015, nearly tripling in size.

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Associated Press, January 18, 2010 By

Factory workers in China protest over pay, use of toxic chemicals

Thousands of workers in a factory in eastern China's Jiangsu Province protested Friday over the cancellation of annual bonuses and poor work safety environment, a human rights watchdog and local media reported.

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CBS/AP News, January 12, 2010 By

Toxic Cadmium Swapped for Lead in Jewelry

An international chain store says it will no longer sell jewlery that lab testing reported by The Associated Press showed was laden with toxic cadmium. This cadmium likely comes from e-waste: click here to read the report.


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Slate, December 29, 2009 By Nina Shen Rastogi

Pulling the Plug: How to dispose of old electronics in a responsible way

I just got a new laptop for Christmas and don't know what to do with my old one. I've heard that most electronic waste ends up being exported to Asia, where poor laborers recycle the scrap under unhealthy, unsafe conditions. How do I get rid of my old computer in an environmentally and socially responsible way?

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Mother Nature Network, December 17, 2009 By

What to look for in a new computer

From computers to laptops to eco-certifications, we have the answers you're looking for. If you have to buy new, here are some things to keep in mind.

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Sasha Lezhnev/

CBS News , November 29, 2009 By 60 Minutes

How Gold (In Our Electronics) Pays For Congo's Deadly War

Video: There's demand for gold for investments, for circuits in cell phones and computers, and for jewelry. In the heart of central Africa, "60 Minutes" found a campaign of rape and murder being funded largely by gold that is exported to the world.
Click here to watch.

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Christian Science Monitor, November 25, 2009 By Moises Velasquez-Manoff

E-waste recycling – are solutions near?

E-waste poses a large and growing problem around the world. Americans generated 3.01 million tons of the stuff in 2007, according to the EPA. But only 13.6 percent of it was recycled. As e-waste recycling is subject to almost no oversight, some 50 to 80 percent of e-waste is, in fact, exported to developing countries, according to watchdog organizations. There, people often extract scrap metal, circuit boards, and other resalable materials without adequate protective material. In doing so, they’re potentially exposed hazardous materials — lead, mercury, and cadmium, among them.

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Beaumont Enterprise, November 20, 2009 By Sarah Moore

The electronics recycling gap

Beaumont and Port Arthur - along with most other Texas cities - fail to provide residents with information on the proper disposal of old electronics, according to a study released this week by Public Research Works and Texas Campaign for the Environment.

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TCE & TCE Fund, November 19, 2009 By

Free e-recycling, but nobody knows

A new report on local government references to free manufacturer takeback recycling options for obsolete e-waste shows that producer takeback programs continue to receive little or no mention on local government websites and among local government officials.
Click here to read the full report.

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Scientific American, October 29, 2009 By Larry Greenemeier

U.S. Lags Behind World with Its Patchwork Approach to Curbing E-Waste

One of the world's largest producers of electronic refuse, the U.S. imposes no federal restrictions on what materials can be used to make electronics or how they can be discarded.

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Washington Post

Washington Post, September 19, 2009 By Michael S. Rosenwald

Left in the Flat-Screen Dust

In no segment of the electronics industry is the new supplanting the old faster than for boob tubes. As new TVs enter the home, many people hide the old ones in basements, garages or closets. But many TVs are simply tossed.

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Rich Pedroncelli/AP

San Jose Mercury News, September 18, 2009 By Paul Rogers

Are flat screen TVs the new SUVs?

Sparking a battle with the electronics industry, the California Energy Commission on Friday released the nation's first rules mandating energy efficiency for televisions. Under the rules, new TV sets sold in California will be required to reduce electricity consumption 30 percent by 2011 and 50 percent by 2013 from current models.

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Mayra Beltran

Houston Chronicle, September 17, 2009 By Purva Patel

This isn't built to last

Brenden Macaluso doesn't consider himself an environmentalist. He's a designer at heart. But the Houston resident hopes the cardboard computer casing he created will encourage others to rethink what sustainability means in design.

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Science Daily, September 17, 2009 By

Set World Standards For Electronics Recycling, Reuse to Curb E-waste Exports to Developing Countries, Experts Urge

Processes and policies governing the reuse and recycling of electronic products need to be standardized worldwide to stem and reverse the growing problem of illegal and harmful e-waste processing practices in developing countries, according to experts behind the world's first international e-waste academy.

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Stuart Isett for The New York Times

New York Times, June 29, 2009 By Leslie Kaufman

A Green Way to Dump Low-Tech Electronics

Since 2004, 18 states and New York City have approved laws that make manufacturers responsible for recycling electronics, and similar statutes were introduced in 13 other states this year.

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New York Times, June 15, 2009 By Nathanial Gronewold

Some See E-Waste Crisis Trailing Switch to Digital TV

There's growing concern that the United States' conversion last weekend from analog to digital television broadcasting will exacerbate a national e-waste problem and fuel the smuggling of cathode ray tubes to the developing world.

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Daily Texan, June 12, 2009 By Ryan Moore

Activists Press for E-waste Recycling Option

Local environmental activists and politicians urged Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday to sign legislation that would curb increasing electronic waste by mandating  television manufacturers take back their televisions from consumers and recycle them.

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Todd Spoth

Houston Chronicle, June 12, 2009 By Mary Tuma

Recycling Tube TVs by the Ton

With millions of obsolete TVs headed to Texas landfills after today's digital switch, a timely bill could help avert potentially hazardous sets from polluting the environment. The Television TakeBack Bill now sits on the governor's desk for final approval.

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KUHF Houston Public Radio News, June 11, 2009 By Pat Hernandez

Digital Switch May Not Mean Disposal

Audio: On the eve of the transition to digital television, Houston residents are being told not to trash their TVs. The digital switch could result in a wave of electronic waste to area landfills. Click here to listen!

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KPRC Local 2 NBC News Houston, June 11, 2009 By

Recycle, Reuse TVs After DTV Switch

Video: With the switch to digital televisions on Friday, environmentalists are encouraging everyone to recycle or reuse their old televisions, so they won't end up in landfills. Click here to watch!

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KVUE 24 ABC News Austin, June 11, 2009 By Elise Hu

Bill aims to keep old TV sets out of landfills

Video: TVs are made with lead, mercury and other harmful toxins that can pollute landfills and get into water sources, so responsible recycling is being advocated in advance of the big DTV switch. Click here to watch!

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KRIV Fox 26 News Houston, June 11, 2009 By Sally MacDonald

DTV Switch Begins at 6:45 A.M.

Video: Once families make the DTV switch, their first urge might be to send the old TV to the graveyard, but environmentalists are sounding the call to recycle. Click here to watch!

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San Antonio Current, June 4, 2009 By Haylley Johnson

A Texas TV Wasteland

With the date of the analog to digital television signal switch looming closer, reality has become more prominent - millions of unused analog televisions have the potential to wind up in Texas landfills. Alongside this threat, recycling has risen higher on many individuals’ to-do lists, including the Texas Legislature's.

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Bloomberg News

New York Times, May 30, 2009 By Kevin Ferguson

Coming Soon: A New Eco-Label for TVs

Consumers shopping for a new television may soon have another criterion to consider beyond price, screen size and picture quality: the set’s environmental impact.

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Waste & Recycling News, May 28, 2009 By Joe Truini

Texas governor to decide on Television Takeback Bill

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will have on his desk a bill requiring television manufacturers to provide Texas residents with free and convenient recycling for their old units.

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Business Journal, May 28, 2009 By

TV recycling bill awaits Perry’s signature

The Texas Senate passed the Television TakeBack Bill, which requires television manufacturers to provide Texas residents with free and convenient recycling for used TVs.

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KXAN News Austin, May 28, 2009 By Natalie Stoll

Manufacturers to fund television recycling

Video: TV zombies descended on the Capitol to thank legislators for their work in helping to alleviate the environment from the estimated millions of televisions that will need to be recycled with the DTV switch. Click here to watch.

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Harrison Powers/KUT News

KUT News Austin, May 28, 2009 By Harrison Powers

Environmental Group Says 'Thank You'

Audio: Rising from the legislature’s graveyard of fallen bills, a law requiring old televisions be recycled has passed and is on its way to Governor Rick Perry’s desk. Hear the full story.

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San Antonio Express-News, May 27, 2009 By L.A. Lorek

Texas Senate OKs TV recycling program

The Texas Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed the Television TakeBack Bill that promotes TV recycling. The bill requires TV manufacturers to provide Texas residents with “free and convenient recycling” for their old TVs.

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The News & Observer, May 27, 2009 By Tim Johnson - Knight Ridder Newspapers

Chinese city is world's digital scrap heap

When discarded computers vanish from desktops around the world, they often end up in Guiyu, which may be the electronic-waste capital of the globe. Some 60,000 laborers toil here at primitive e-waste recycling—if it can be called that—even as the work imperils their health.

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KUHF News Houston, May 27, 2009 By Bill Stamps

Texas Says Yes to Television Recycling

Audio: Today the Texas Legislature signed a bill that forces television manufacturers to give consumers a way to recycle their old televisions. Supporters of the plan say it'll keep toxic chemicals out of landfills. Click here to listen!

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Port Arthur News, May 13, 2009 By

Texas House passes statewide TV recycling bill

The Texas House of Representatives passed HB 821, which will require TV makers selling TVs now to provide free and convenient recycling for used televisions.

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New York Times, May 2, 2009 By Erica Gies

Bring Out Your Dead (TVs)

In February, Best Buy, the largest electronics retail chain in the United States, upgraded its electronic waste take-back and recycling program to make it one of the most comprehensive in the country.

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PC Magazine, March 2, 2009 By Jennifer L. DeLeo

The Electronics Recycling Superguide

PC Magazine shows you how to recycle your used electronics through manufacturers, your local electronics stores, and online trade-in programs that offer you cash or gift cards.

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TWICE, February 12, 2009 By Greg Tarr

500 TV Broadcasters Ask For Early Shutoff

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a list of 500 additional full-power TV broadcasters who have sent word that they need to shut off their analog signals prior to the new June 12 deadline for the transition to all-digital broadcasting.

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Associated Press, February 6, 2009 By David Bauder

Some TV stations to end analog signal on 2/17

When Congress postponed the mandatory transition to digital TV until June, it also gave stations the option to stick to the originally scheduled date of
Feb. 17.

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TWICE, February 4, 2009 By Greg Tarr

House Approves DTV Delay Legislation

The House of Representatives approved legislation Wednesday to delay the analog cutoff TV date 115 days to June 12, 2009. The measure will now be sent to President Obama, who is expected to sign it into law.

read entire article, January 30, 2009 By Kurt Marko

E-Waste: The Global Impact

Recycling is one of those concepts everyone embraces. Yet, when it comes to electronics—TVs, monitors, computers, and peripherals—why do so few of us actually do it?

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Martin E. Klimek, for USA Today

USA Today, January 27, 2009 By Elizabeth Weise

Old TVs cause new problems

Televisions carelessly disposed of can be toxic to the environment. A huge backlog of unused old ones (99.1 million, the EPA says) is sitting around in people's homes.

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Jonathon Gruenke, Kalamazoo Gazette

Kalamazoo Gazette, January 25, 2009 By Robyn Rosenthal

Recyclers ready for tons of TVs after switch to digital

Between the Superbowl, which traditionally has given sports fans an excuse to trade up to bigger TVs, and the imminent switch to digital programming, which is scheduled for Feb. 17, environmental groups are estimating that 90 million televisions will become obsolete.

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Calgary Herald, January 25, 2009 By Reese Halter

More plastic than plankton in Pacific Ocean

A mass of plastic in the Pacific, increasing tenfold each decade since 1945, is now the size of Texas and killing everything in its wake. Globally, 100 million tonnes of plastic are generated each year and at least 10 per cent of that is finding its way into the sea.

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Environmental News Service, January 12, 2009 By

Consumer Electronics Show Greens Its Act

Products introduced at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show demonstrate that the promise of more environmentally friendly consumer electronics is becoming a reality.

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Abby Seiff

Popular Science, January 12, 2009 By Abby Seiff

Fear and Greening in Las Vegas

Corporate responsibility looms large at this year's CES show, but protesters insist more companies need more proactive electronics recycling policies

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Grist, January 12, 2009 By Sarah van Schagen

Analog-jam: Digital TV delay could be win for environment

Millions of Americans still aren't prepared and could miss out on important news and emergency broadcasts -- a fact that has led President-elect Barack Obama to urge a delay in the transition.

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Justin M. Bowen, Las Vegas Sun

KVBC News Las Vegas, January 9, 2009 By Jerry Brown

Eco-activists push for TV recycling at CES

Outside the electronics show, activists turned the spotlight on another timely question: what happens to old tvs that aren't recycled? Dressed as analog tv zombies, they paraded down Convention Center Drive en route to a press conference.

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Reuters Blogs, January 9, 2009 By Anupreeta Das

CES: TVs, TVs and TV zombies

I stepped out of the Las Vegas Convention Center yesterday to recover from the brilliant glare of the gazillion TVs on display inside — only to run into another set of boxes on the sidewalk. Okay, they weren’t regular old TVs, but humans wearing black boxes over their heads.

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Yardena Arar

PC World, January 9, 2009 By Yardena Arar

TV Zombies Kicked Out of CES

I finally got one of the TV zombies to stop long enough to tell me: "We want the producers to take back responsibility."

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BBC News

BBC News, January 9, 2009 By Maggie Shiels

Campaigners highlight 'toxic TVs'

Campaigners are warning of a flood of toxic waste from old TVs and have called on manufacturers to do more to recycle them. The Electronics TakeBack Coalition took their protest to the world's biggest electronics show in Las Vegas.

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TreeHugger, January 9, 2009 By Jaymi Heimbuch

Toxic TV Zombies Invade CES Show in Las Vegas

Putting some activist spice into this year's convention, the Electronics TakeBack Coalition has unleashed zombies on Las Vegas in an effort to draw attention to the problem with television manufacturers and their lack of responsibility when it comes to taking back TV sets.

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GreenYes, January 6, 2009 By Maggie Clarke

HP offers money for old tech equipment

Hewlett-Packard has decided to offer people in the United States money in exchange for their old tech equipment, the company announced Tuesday. Given this economy, I'd say it's worth your time to look up the value of your electronic junk on HP's site and make that trip to the post office.

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Ft Worth Star-Telegram, November 28, 2008 By Mike Lee

Environmental groups warn against dumping TV sets

As the DTV switch approaches, and with the holiday shopping season in full swing, environmental groups are warning consumers about impacts on the environment halfway around the world.

read entire article, November 19, 2008 By Mary Catherine O'Connor

How Activists Are Forcing Change in Green IT

Often, advocacy groups campaign against specific business practices --- take the movement to ban BPA from baby bottles, for instance. But when it comes to the electronics industry, non-government organizations are attempting to shift the entire business paradigm.

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Daily Texan, November 18, 2008 By Lindsey Morgan

Zombies campaign for proper TV set disposal

Life-size television zombies sound more like a futuristic sci-fi plot than a campaign for efficient recycling of electronics. But on Monday, activists from the Texas Campaign for the Environment, an environmental advocacy group, dressed as zombies with television sets as heads to protest the improper disposal of televisions in Austin.

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KUHF Houston Public Radio News, November 18, 2008 By Bill Stamps

TV Manufacturers Get Low Grades

Audio: An environmental watchdog group says TV manufacturers aren't doing enough to prepare for next year's transition to all digital television. Click  here to listen!

read entire article News, November 18, 2008 By

Digital TV Approaches, TV Makers Failing on Recycling Efforts

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition (ETBC) today released its new TV Recycling Report Card, grading the major TV manufacturers on their efforts to establish national programs to take back and recycle old TVs.

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GreenBiz, November 18, 2008 By GreenBiz Staff

Sony Earns Top Grade for TV Recycling

More than half of TV manufacturers have no recycling program in place even though there are only three months left before the digital TV conversion.

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WFAA-TV D/FW , November 18, 2008 By Cynthia Izaguirre

Protesters target TV recycling

Video: With just three months remaining until the nation's transition to digital television, manufacturers of old analog TVs got a ghoulish recycling report card. Click here to watch!

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NBC 5 D/FW, November 18, 2008 By

Turning Up the Volume on TV Recycling

Video: Texas Campaign for the Environment released its TV makers green report card, which grades the recycling programs of major television manufacturers. Click here to watch!

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KVUE News Austin, November 18, 2008 By Tom Harris

Recycling old TV's can be tough in Texas

Video: You may find recycling your old TV set a little more difficult than you might think if you are planning on purchasing a new digital TV this year. Click here to watch!

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News 8 Austin, November 18, 2008 By News 8 Austin Staff

TV companies ill-prepared to recycle analog TVs

The report card is in, and most television makers are failing: The Texas Campaign for the Environment released their report on how well television manufacturers have prepared to recycle their consumers' old TVs.

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San Antonio Express-News, November 18, 2008 By L.A. Lorek

20.6 million: Number of television sets U.S. consumers threw away in 2007

Landfills overflowing with junked TVs containing lead, mercury and other toxic materials could eventually threaten San Antonio's water supply. That's why Texas environmental activists want TV manufacturers to take back their old sets.

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New York Times, November 12, 2008 By John Hanc

For the Digitally Deceased, a Profitable Graveyard

Finding ways to dispose of America’s increasingly large stream of e-waste is difficult: an estimated 133,000 computers are discarded by homes and businesses every day. In a 2006 report, the International Association of Electronics Recyclers estimated that about 400 million pieces of e-waste are scrapped each year.

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Philadelphia Inquirer, November 10, 2008 By Sandy Bauers

TV's New Program

Updated guidelines offer more information on how much energy our sets use - or do they? That's just one environmental concern as events point to a big buying spree.

read entire article, October 25, 2008 By Melita Marie Garza

Dell, PC industry find it isn't easy being green

Proving Kermit's adage, Dell spent three years building 25 prototypes before the computer maker found a way to twist bamboo into a natural fiber exterior for its new "Hybrid" desktop.

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New York Times, October 2, 2008 By Azadeh Ensha

It Comes in Beige or Black, but You Make It Green

In a bid to secure your green bragging rights, you have the usual suspects covered, but what about your PC? After all, the machine that can provide you with information on how to lead an ecologically sound life can also be contributing to the environmental problem you are trying to solve.

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Newsweek, September 22, 2008 By Lily Huang

What About Ijunk?

What happened to all the once useful things we wanted before? The cell phone that's not a computer, the GPS that's not a phone, the squarely three-dimensional television, the videotape rewinder?  With the right design, a manufactured good can be broken down into a number of universal, toxin-free components.

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Marketing Daily, August 22, 2008 By Laurie Sullivan

Electronics Coalition Targets Samsung For Use Of Toxic Metals

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition has launched a marketing campaign attacking Samsung for what it considers a weak stance on environmental protection and electronics recycling.

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Austin-American Statesman, August 11, 2008 By Asher Price

With Olympics under way, groups protest environment and human rights

A day before the Olympic torch was lit Friday in Beijing, two men in warm-ups, waving bouquets and wearing giant fake gold medals, ascended a podium on a hot street corner in Northeast Austin.

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The Daily Texan, August 8, 2008 By Stephany Garza

Group urges Samsung to recycle

Protesters gathered outside Austin's Samsung plant to show their disapproval of the electronics company for not offering its consumers a free nationwide recycling program for television sets, computers and other electronic devices.

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Cheryl Diaz Meyer/Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News , July 8, 2008 By Jefferey Weiss

Tech trash dealers get with the program to salvage old computers

Tech trash is the fastest-growing category of American garbage. While computers and their assorted peripherals are still a relatively tiny tributary to the national waste stream, they are numerous enough to represent a problem – and an opportunity.

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Austin Chronicle, June 13, 2008 By Kevin Brass

Apocalypse February! Where will you be when the (TV) world comes to an end??!!

Judging by the reaction in some circles, on the scale of media disasters, the nationwide transition to digital television ranks somewhere between the apocalypse and the cancellation of Star Trek. TV service will be ripped from poor minority communities. Millions of outdated TV sets will be dumped into landfills, creating ecological ruin. Families will be cut off forever from American Idol, prompting mass hysteria.

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Business Week, June 2, 2008 By Michael Liedtke

Best Buy testing free e-waste recycling program

Best Buy Co. is testing a free program that will offer consumers a convenient way to ensure millions of obsolescent TVs, old computers and other unwanted gadgets don't poison the nation's dumps.

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DC Government

Chemical and Engineering News, May 28, 2008 By Jeff Johnson

A Tsunami Of Electronic Waste

ON A SUNNY Saturday in late April, some 4,000 cars and trucks crawled up 16th Street in northwest Washington, D.C., ferrying loads of electronic and other wastes to drop off at the city's semiannual hazardous waste collection event.

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St Louis Post-Dispatch, May 27, 2008 By Jonathan J. Cooper

Switch to digital may clog landfills

The switch from analog to digital television in February could bring problems beyond new costs to consumers: clogged landfills and pollution from old televisions.

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San Antonio Current

San Antonio Current, May 21, 2008 By Gilbert Garcia

With the digital-TV transition nine months away, millions of Americans remain confused and misinformed

With an estimated 19-million households owning at least one analog-only television, it's reasonable to assume that the looming conversion deadline will spur many consumers to purchase new TVs.

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 12, 2008 By Scott Streater

Harmful chemical wafts off your TV

Common household dust has long been known to carry pesticides, allergens and other irritants. But the dust that coats your television sets might finally answer why virtually every American tested has traces of a chemical flame retardant that might be harmful.

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram, April 22, 2008 By Scott Streater

Recycling Electronics Can Put a Dent in Pollution

When you buy a new computer and bring it home, you take it out of the box, proudly position it in on your desk and plug it in. Then you look down at the old computer on the floor and ask: What do I do with it?

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