The facts and Future of TCE

About TCE

TCE is dedicated to informing and mobilizing Texans to protect the quality of their lives, their health, their communities and the environment. We believe that people have a right to know and a right to act on issues that fundamentally affect their lives and future generations.

TCE is a non-partisan, non-profit citizens' organization that focuses on local and state issues. TCE has organized award-winning campaigns to protect our public health in Texas. Polls consistently show Texans support policies to protect the environment and our quality of life; TCE works to give Texans the opportunity to channel that support into action.

Oftentimes we face opposition from powerful interests that would resist changes that benefit our public health. To fight organized money, we need organized people. Contributions of funds, time and talent provide TCE with the necessary resources to help Texans have a voice in the policy-making process. Each member represents an educated and concerned citizen, so please join TCE.

TCE is a 501(c)(4) organization for tax purposes. Contributions to TCE are not tax-deductible because we want the freedom to organize to affect public policy and hold elected officials accountable to the residents of Texas. (TCE has a sister organization, Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund, TCE Fund, which is a 501 (c)(3) organization. Contributions to TCE Fund are 100% tax-deductible. Click here for details on TCE Fund.)

Mission & Vision

We envision a Texas free from pollution.

Our mission is to empower Texans to fight pollution through sustained grassroots organizing campaigns that shift corporate and governmental environmental policy.

Support Statement

  • TCE is a non-partisan, non-profit citizens' organization that focuses on local and state issues.
  • TCE works to hold government and businesses accountable to public concern on Texas health, environmental, and economic issues.
  • TCE promotes policies that ensure clean air and clean water, while encouraging recycling and the reduction of waste.
  • TCE empowers people to make democracy work. TCE protects citizens' right to know about pollution in their communities.

Neighborhood Canvass

One lasting legacy of environmental organizing is canvassing. This is as important today as it has ever been in the efforts to protect the public health and our nation's natural resources.

Door-to-door and phone canvassing are vital to our success. It allows us to reach a large number of people, in many towns, income levels, with varied political affiliations. One of the strengths of TCE is the diversity of our membership; canvassing allows us to build this diverse base of support.

Every night, all year long, TCE's staff is out in different neighborhoods all over Texas, mobilizing citizens to get involved and have a positive impact on the environment and our quality of life. When a representative of TCE knocks on your door or calls you on the phone, he or she is there with the intent to inform you about an important issue affecting your life, and get you involved in the campaign. TCE canvassers generated over 60,000 letters to decision-makers such as elected officials and corporate leaders last year alone, as well as getting over 40,000 citizens involved as members.

As a grassroots organization, TCE cannot compete with money that polluting interests and other powerful lobbyists are able to contribute to the campaigns of our elected officials; we use strength in numbers instead. That is why it is important for TCE to have dedicated people concerned about our environment on our staff, and the yearly support of the citizens of Texas.

How We Use the Support You Provide

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