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Dear President Powers:

We are very concerned that the promotion of "H2Orange" bottled water in the shape of the UT Tower does not fulfill the University's sustainability goals and will instead lead to increased environmental pollution. We are proud of UT’s leadership tradition and look forward to the impact UT will make on the future, but we feel the school’s reputation for excellence and innovation will be compromised if it continues to market and sell disposable bottled water.

Plastic pollution is a serious threat to ecosystems throughout the world. Although the bottles may be recyclable, most will end up in our landfills or, worse, merely tossed out in our communities and waterways. Do you really want your legacy to be tied to a product that is discarded as quickly as it is consumed?

While UT’s attempt to fund scholarships through creative marketing is a worthy cause, we believe young Longhorns’ education can be secured through a more sustainable plan. You should instead offer a commemorative metal canteen to remind people that they’ve contributed to providing scholarships, fellowships and internships to UT students. We do not plan to purchase H2Orange unless and until it is a sustainable product.

Cities, businesses and institutions around the world are aligning their policies with zero waste strategies in order to curb unnecessary product waste. Please reconsider the H2Orange promotion and adhere to the campus Sustainability Policy. Even UT’s on-campus residence policy currently disallows the sale of plastic water bottles and encourages students to “B. Y. O. V.” (Bring Your Own Vessel). In order to achieve sustainability goals, educational institutions must demonstrate forward-thinking leadership. We urge you, as UT’s President, to take a stand for  a greener tomorrow.


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